DSince the beginning of its activities, in June 2016, the UNESCO Global Geopark of Percé has been talked about!

Here you will find some articles and reports.

Summary Press Review, 2017-2018

Summary Press Review - 2018



Radio-Gaspésie - News Room
Mi'gmaic name of the trails of the Géoparc de Percé

Le Havre newspaper
The UNESCO effect is felt at the Geopark

VAT News
A suspended glass platform to discover in Percé

Tourists stay longer in Percé

ICI Radio-Canada
Experiential tourism: admire Percé Rock by launching into the void

MTL Blog
Quebec's Glass Platform "Skywalk" Is One Of The Most Beautiful Places In The Country

Radio-Gaspésie - News Room
The Géoparc of Percé officially recognized by UNESCO

Explore Mag (BC)
Exploring Canada's 3 UNESCO global geoparks

Boston Globe (USA)
See Canada's new global UNESCO Geopark

El Sol from Mexico City (Mexico)
¡Impresionantes! Conoce los 13 Geoparks that fueron reconocidos by Unesco

Off track travel

Love the mountains (UK)

The Journal de Québec
Géoparc de Percé: a global designation that may attract crowds

ICI Radio-Canada
The Geopark of Percé becomes a UNESCO Geopark


Summary Press Review - 2017

Le Havre newspaper
New Director-General at the Percé Geopark

ICI Radio-Canada
Novelty at the Percé Geopark

ICI Radio-Canada
Inauguration of the zip line at the Géoparc de Percé

Le Havre newspaper
Two NUMIX awards for Nova Lumina and the Percé Geopark (Tektonik)

ICI Radio-Canada
Award of Excellence for the Musée de la Gaspésie and the Géoparc de Percé

The Journal de Montréal
Gaspésie in autumn

ICI Gaspésie-Les-Iles
Final deposit for the Géoparc de Percé


Summary Press Review - 2016

ICI Radio-Canada
Geopark of Percé: the new games room makes happy

Here Radio-Canada
The Geopark of Percé, here we go!

VAT news
New at the Géoparc de Percé

Le Soleil
Lights and shivers in Percé

Le Havre
The Geopark finally opens its doors in Percé

"Fascinating, seductive, wonderful, attractive, etc ... Words are missing to qualify" Tektonik "of the Geopark of Percé whose official inauguration took place last Thursday ..."
In the heart of the world: Inauguration of the experiential pavilion and tektonik at the Geopark of Percé (The audio thread of Thursday 23 June 2016)

CFIM 92,7 - Radio Iles-de-La-Madeleine
"Come on hop! "
Interview with President, Cathy Poirier, at 2: 46: 40

Vonderfoule web magazine
Road trip in Gaspésie

"This is the new attraction of Percé that must absolutely be seen. If you did not know it, Percé is such a geologically special place that it is in the sights of UNESCO. For this reason, she is now also hosting a Geopark where you will experience a XYZ multimedia experience and where you can walk the trails and visit the suspended glass platform. For those who know Percé, it is by the parking lot of the campsite that it happens. "

Discoveries Mag

On foot, by bike, or in a bubble
"How to admire the famous Rock seen from above? Climbing Mount Sainte-Anne or Mont Blanc! The new "Geopark" of Percé counts 18km of trails in the forest, on rocks and on mosses, to put you in full view. The reception pavilion includes indoor games for children and offers an explanatory exhibition of local geological phenomena. Instructive!"

14 free places to go hiking in Quebec

"This enchanting place allows you to discover the particular geology of the Percé region. It includes about fifteen kilometers of trails. From Mont Sainte-Anne, the views of the Percé Rock are striking! This mountain also includes a glass platform suspended at 200 meters altitude (accessible from the 3e week of July). The Geopark offers geology tours, camping and a zip line. "

** Note from the Geopark: the zip line will be inaugurated in 2017
Read also:–amene-ta-visite—dans-rocher-perce.html

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