Suspended glass platform

Accessible from the 2 June 2017, the suspended glass platform of the Geopark of Percé impresses. Already, thousands of people have had the chance to go there and see the extent of the infrastructure.

True symbol of the arrival of the Geopark in the life of the people of Percé, it allows visitors to test their vertigo and enjoy the breathtaking views. In the distance, you can see the tip of Forillon National Park.



A short history of the large suspended glass platform

The suspended glass platform is an ambitious project that was set up by the Percé Geopark cooperative during the 1 phase of the project. It took more than a year to complete the construction of this gigantic structure, installed cantilevered in the mountains, at 200 meters altitude.

Once the construction was completed, topographic surveys and geotechnical field analysis were carried out, with the aim of "grafting" the starting point of a zip line. The plans and specifications were completed and a call for tenders was launched at the end of February 2016. Work began on the field in the spring 2016. Construction ended in November of the same year. The first visitors were received on 2 June 2017.

Departure of the zip line: Site of the suspended glass platform
Arrival: First lookout
Length: 250 meters
Slope: Very accentuated (speed up to 50 km / h)
View: St-Laurent Gulf, Percé Rock, Bonaventure Island, Forillon




The video required 9 shooting days, between August 2016 and July 2017. Good viewing !

Director and Editor: Yan Vibert
Shots: Joel Berthelot, The Green Sole
Music: Mathieu Dandurand
Coordination: MC Costisella Communications

Here are some pictures of the installation of the platform. The photos of the construction of the site were taken between August and December 2016.

Platform creation photo gallery:

(Photo credits: Percé Geopark / A. Aubert-Bonn, G. Savoie, J. Berthelot, MC Costisella)