Guided hikes








Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the trails and lookouts of the Geopark. Among other things, you will cross a magical forest, see a bottomless hole, a crevice and a cave. In addition you will have the chance to take breathtaking photos.

Signage is located all along the trails, between the bottom of the mountain and the top of Mont Sainte-Anne (including the small Mont Sainte-Anne).

Two reception shelters are available: the first is located at the start of the trails, north of the campsite. The other is located near the parking lot of Belvedere 3 (site of the suspended glass platform), the other starting point towards the summit of Mont Sainte-Anne and the Crevasse sector.

In these shelters, there is a large map of the trail system, the regulations and the usual information.

Throughout the trails, interpretation panels provide historical or cultural information with reference to the views or geosites observed. The most accessible signs are those of the hiking trail surveyors, which is full of information and anecdotes about Percé and its inhabitants (or famous visitors)!

Happy hike!

(Photos Geopark of Percé - Crédit Guy Savoie)