Geocaching: a hobby for everyone

Geocaching: a hobby for everyone

The Geopark proposes in 2019 a new activity on its territory: geocaching.
Does that remind you of something ? Or are you a géomoldu ?

Le geocaching (or geocaching) is a very accessible hobby which consists in using the technique of satellite-based (GPS) to search for or hide "caches" or "geocaches" in various locations around the world.

A typical geocache consists of a small, tight and resistant container, including a register of visits and sometimes one or more "treasures", usually worthless trinkets. In 2013, more than two million geocaches have been listed in 222 countries on the various community websites dedicated to this leisure. In 2017, they are more than 3 million listed on the website in more than 180 countries, including one in the International Space Station.

More than 260 geocaches have been recorded in the great Percé. Among them, to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the tour of Gaspésie, we have spotted 90 which will allow you to tour the territory of the UNESCO Global Geopark Percé.


Geocaching is a hobby that can be practiced anywhere on the planet that has many benefits:

  • - Play outside and get some fresh air
  • - To exercise
  • - Spend time with family and / or friends
  • - Discover new places
  • - Develop the sense of observation
  • - Develop the sense of imagination

How does it work?

1- Register on and make sure to read the rules (label)
2- Check out the caches available in the territory of Percé
3- Make your choice, get your GPS, a pencil and go to the indicated position
4- Respect the geocaching etiquette and do not be seen or observed by muggles!
5- When you have found the cache, sign the registry and put it back in place quickly
6- Sign the log book on
7- Start again at will!

90 geocaches to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the tour of Gaspésie!

To celebrate the 90th anniversary of the tour of Gaspésie, we have compiled a list of 90 geosites preferred by our specialists.
Good discoveries!

1 - Quest for treasure: Prevel strike : Link to
description: The Prevel Strike is a nice little quiet beach of about half a kilometer. It lends itself well to the search for beach treasures. One can find several varieties of jasper, flint, shells, flat sea urchins (sand dollar) and, the attentive and lucky walker, can even find agates.

2- Lovers cache : Link to 
description: Small, easy-access lock & lock type cache in honor of our parents (Carmel and OutardeMG) who are celebrating several milestones in their lives this year. This cache is located on the Chemin des Amoureux near Fort Prével. Indeed, this is their 50 th wedding anniversary, and their 75 and 80 th birthday. We take the opportunity to celebrate this week in the beautiful region of Gaspésie!

3- Indian Head : Link to
description: You can see the Indian head rock. Contains only a log book, bring a pen… Additional hint: look up !!!!

5- Walk to Pointe-St-Pierre 1 : Link to
description: (...) The place is also a recognized site of scuba diving. In addition to geocaching objects, the cache initially contained a scratch for the PAT and several objects for the exchange.

6 - Walk to Pointe St-Pierre 2 : Link to
description: (…) I leave it to you to assess the strength of the winds and imagine them during storms. At 700 m from the point you can see the Ile Plate. As you continue east, you will be surprised to see Bonaventure Island, Percé Rock and the mountains behind Percé.

7- Goose Berry Trail : Link to
description: Follow this beautiful trail to a spectacular view. Cache contains only a logbook.

11- Barachois Beach : Link to
description: A beautiful view and spot to spend the day or night.

13- Swimming Hole : Link to
description: Instead I came to 20 + years ago and continues to come back for a quick cool off on hot days. Contains only a logbook.

14 - Back to the sources - The beach of Coin-du-Banc: Link to
description: The cache contains a booklet, a pencil and objects to take or exchange. Born in Val d'Espoir, a small village nowadays attached to Percé, at the age of ten I was the eldest of a family of eight children. When in the summer our relatives from the Big City visited us, we went to the beach in groups of ten per "char". Another era, other mores: the notions of security have evolved. Here at Corner of the Beach, we bathed briskly, and we drowned in the same way. No security was assured. Good geocaching.

15- Barachois of Malbaie : Link to
description: This is a special cache, type Earth cache. To be able to save this cache as found you have to answer questions, and send your answers to the cache creator using messaging.

16- Malbaie Salt Marsh : Link to
description: A great spot to come check out all the different birds in our area. Contains only a logbook.

17- Corner of the beach : Link to
description: Enjoy this beautiful beach, it goes from Corner of the beach to Barachois. Only a log book.

25 - Ford crossing : Link to
description: To access the cache you will have to cross the Portage River. At the most hollow you will have water up to the waist and the river about 30m wide. The cover is a 35 mm film container. It only contains a logbook, bring your pencil.

28 to 39 - Going up the river : Link to
description: This series of 12 caches, to be discovered while walking in the bed of the Murphy River, extends over a distance of almost 3 kilometers (2.6 km in a straight line). When the water level is high, expect to have it from mid-leg to knee. The ideal shoe: the boot or the wet canvas shoe. It is necessary to count between 4H and 5H30 to complete the journey which, it is going to say it, addresses the braves. Initially, cache no 1 contained, besides the logbook and a pencil, an agate, a golf ball and a ticket of 100 escudos from Portugal.

40 - Back to the roots: Aunt Cécile's bridge : Link to
description: The cache contains a booklet and a pencil. To know the anecdote that earned this name to the bridge, click on the link.

41 - Back to the roots: The hedgerow : Link to
description: Please park your vehicle on the side of the road in front of the wire that blocks access. This is a private lot. I got permission from the owner. A short walk will take you to the cache which contains only a booklet and regulations.

42 - Back to the roots: The red bridge : Link to
description: Nice little cache to do in passing. This bridge belongs to many memories of childhood and adolescence. I have often passed under it on trout fishing expeditions. My mother just had to ask me to go get supper and I would run. Later I came to shoot there every morning while jogging before going to school. It would take its name from the color of the political party that had promised it. The cache contains a pencil, a booklet and the rules.

43- Miro: from here we launch : Link to
description: A small cove occupied by fishermen, the site offers a coastal panorama typical of the Gaspé. It is accessed from Route 132 by the Fishermen's Route. The cache initially contained: a log book, a pencil, instructions, a horse and an elephant. The container is a jar of peanut butter covered with green tape.

44- Exo 01 - Val d'Espoir: Link to
description: This is a nice place where you can see my native village, you can also see the sea by south east. Hide near a belvedere from where we have a beautiful view of my native village. Hint: the cache is in a tree.

45- The little fishing haven : Link to
Description: A few kilometers from Percé, great place to admire the sunsets. Be discreet. The cache is a camo container. The cache initially contained: Notebook, pencil, instruction, three small plastic soldier men, three small marbles, a figurine, a lantern and a small plane.

59- Barracks of Val d'Espoir : Link to
description: An easy little hideout in a park near a rural barracks! This cache is in honor of Ramsesx and Tibert whom we met at the 1875 cache. This cache contains a scratch plate for the first to find.

60 - The Malignant step of Cap Malin : Link to
description: A cache in the car during your tour of the Gaspésie! The cape that runs along the 132 between Cap d'Espoir and Anse-à-Beaufils is called Cape Malin. A small stop offers a breathtaking view of Bonaventure Island. Initial content of the cache: notebook, pencil, cossins and scratchers for the PAT.

61- In 1875 : Link to
description: A tourist rapido on the occasion of a tour in Gaspésie. There are several geocaches in the region, and each of them will introduce geocaching tourists to sites that geomoldus won't even know exist. Look around this cache to know the names of the first occupants of this region from the Jersey Islands.

63- Bridge to Eugene: Link to
description: The cache contains a log book and a pencil. A family story tells that a waterfall could have gone wrong on the bridge, in the original description.

65- Prison of Percé : Link to
description: This cache is placed near the Percé prison. On August 17, 1969, Jacques Mesrine escaped. The old prison was closed in 1986. It was renovated in 2009 and reopened in 2010. You can park in the visitor parking lot near the cache.

66- Pierced Beach : Link to
description: Enjoy the beautiful beach "Anse du Nord". Contains only a log book.

68- Just for laughs - Garlic: Link to
description: This cache is part of a small series of fun caches placed in the trails that lead to the summit of Mont Sainte-Anne.

69- Just for laughs - Banana in madness: Link to
description: This cache is part of a small series of fun caches placed in the trails that lead to the summit of Mont Sainte-Anne.

70- Just for laughs - Go Habs Go: Link to
description: This cache is part of a small series of fun caches placed in the trails that lead to the summit of Mont Sainte-Anne.

71- Just for laughs - Wouf: Link to
description: This cache is part of a small series of fun caches placed in the trails that lead to the summit of Mont Sainte-Anne.

72- Just for laughs - Heinz: Link to
description: This cache is part of a small series of fun caches placed in the trails that lead to the summit of Mont Sainte-Anne.

73- Just for laughs: At the beach : Link to
description: This cache is part of a small series of fun caches placed in the trails that lead to the summit of Mont Sainte-Anne.

74- BH06 Belvedere at Mont-Ste-Anne : Link to
description: After finding the cache, continue your walk to the top of the trail to enjoy the view of the belvedere.

75- The suspended glass platform : Link to
description: In order to register this virtual cache as found, you will first have to go to the published coordinates. At this point you will find explanatory panels of the history of Percé and the surrounding area. On these boards you should be able to find answers to the following questions:
1- In which year was the population estimated at 250 in Percé?
2- The photo "Cod fishermen" is dated what year?
3- What was created in 1985?

76 to 79- Sources trail : Link to
description: This series of hidden 4 is in the Sentier des Sources

80- The Cave: Link to
description: This cache is of Earthcache type and deals with geology. To save the cache as found, you need to take a picture of yourself on the scene and answer 3 questions. Follow the link for details.

86- The Crevasse of Percé: Link to
description: Contents of the cache (exchangeable items): Pin Cross 2004 colors, Baie-Comeau Pin, CPA Pin, pocket knife and starfish. It also contains a logbook, a pencil, sharpener and a scratch for the PAT. Editor's note: The content of the linked text, dealing with geology, contains some gray areas.

87 to 89 - Great Cup Trail: Link to
description: This hidden 3 series is on the Great Cup Trail.