Educational program

At the UNESCO Global Geopark in Percé, education is a priority. Our mission is to enable people to learn and learn about geology, ecology and other natural sciences. To achieve this, we have established permanent experiences and programming of educational activities.

Tektonik multimedia exhibition 

Tektonik is the gateway to the UNESCO Global Geopark in Percé. We recommend starting your visit by exploring this wonderful laboratory, that of Agathe, our famous geologist. You will live an exciting immersive multimedia experience while learning! This introduction to the geology of Percé will allow you to discover, among other things, how the Percé Rock was formed and what the future holds.

New in 2019: The scientific matinees

Due to the current health situation, the scientific mornings are canceled for the summer season 2020.

Every morning in July and August, Agathe's laboratory opens these doors! From 9 to 10 h, these educational workshops offer children and teens the chance to explore our natural wealth and cultural heritage. With the help of several organizations, such as Contact Environment, SOS Bats, the Micmac Nation of Gespeg and Technoscience Est-du-Québec, we offer a varied and targeted programming for certain age groups.

Young scientists club 

Our geologist Agathe is usually absent from his laboratory, called Tektonik. In addition to letting us visit her laboratory, Agathe shares with us the discoveries she makes during her travels around the world. Indeed, after studying the geological formations of Percé, Agathe wanted to know the other Geoparks members of the UNESCO Global Geoparks Network. Come discover these last trips on the Science Apprenticeship Club page!

Animation at the suspended glass platform

Do you plan to take a hiking break at the Geopark's Suspended Glass Platform? Enjoy the presence of our guide-interpreters to ask questions and learn more about this fabulous landscape of international renown!

Guided hikes 

Any geologist will tell you: the best way to learn about a territory is to walk it. Guided tours of the UNESCO Global Geopark in Percé are a major part of the educational program. Discover the magical forest, the Belvederes trail or the heart of the village of Percé, accompanied by a qualified guide. In addition to exploring our territory and discovering the riches that compose it, you will have answers to your questions and bring back exceptional memories of Percé. Our guided hikes allow you to see Percé differently!


Do you have an idea, a project or questions concerning the Geopark's educational program? Contact us at 418-782-5112

Ateliers des Débrouillards

Due to the current health situation, the scientific mornings are canceled for the summer season 2020.

The Geopark is proud to present workshops in collaboration with Technoscience Est-du-Québec: