Our territory

Located in the geological province of Appalachia, the UNESCO World Geopark of Percé is located in Percé, a coastal village in the far east of the Gaspésie region, in the province of Quebec, Canada.

The boundaries of the UNESCO Global Geopark in Percé correspond to the borders of the municipality of Percé. In 2016, this village had 3289 inhabitants with a density of 5,92 inhabitants / km 2.

Percé is the result of the merger of several municipalities carried out in 1970, namely St-Georges-de-la-Malbaie, Pointe-St-Pierre, Barachois, Bridgeville, Coin-du-Banc, Cannes-de-Roches, Percé, Cap d 'Hope and Val d'Espoir. The heart of the tourist village is classified as a Percé Heritage Site.

Our territory consists of 555 km2, which is 432 km2 of terrestrial area and 123 km2 of marine area. Its coastal landscape is dominated by coastal cliffs, including Bonaventure Island and the famous Percé Rock.

These geological formations formed during the Paleozoic, between the Cambrian and the Carboniferous (542 to 300 millions of years). The interior is ideal for hiking in the forest with over 18 km of hiking trails, including the mountains of Mont Ste-Anne and Mont Blanc.