What is a geopartenaire?

A geopartener is a company, group or individual that promotes the values ​​of the Geopark. He engages himself in:

- Valorize our natural and cultural heritage
- Consolidate the visual signature of the UNESCO Global Geopark of Percé on the territory
- Contribute to the UNESCO Percé experience
- Valuing and distinguishing the emblematic activities of the territory
- Carrying recognition UNESCO Global Geopark of Percé
- Contribute to public education in Earth Sciences

There are 4 conditions to become a geopartener:

1- To be established in the territory of the UNESCO Global Geopark in Percé
2- Have the concern to reinforce the values ​​conveyed by a UNESCO Global Geopark:
- Protection and enhancement of the natural and cultural heritage
- public awareness and education
- Sustainable development
3- Make sure people working with the public can explain
What is a UNESCO Global Geopark?
4- Adhere to the code of conduct / conservation plan of the UNESCO Global Geopark in Percé