The 23 geosites to be discovered at the Géoparc de Percé are grouped into three categories, depending on their location.

1. terrestrial geosites
2. Coastal geosites appreciable from the land and / or the sea
3. geosites on the territory of Bonaventure Island and Percé Rock National Park

Distances are calculated from the Experiential Lodge.


Quebec's geological heritage: geosites

By Pierre Verpaelst - Direction de géologie Québec - 2004

What is a geosite?
A geosite is a punctual site or an "area", from a few square meters to a few square kilometers, having a geological and scientific importance and whose geological character (mineral, structural, geomorphological, physiographic) meets one or more exceptional criteria. (precious, rare, vulnerable, threatened).
When a special zone contains more than one element of great rarity or beauty and of particular geological interest, it is referred to as a “geopark”. These elements must be representative of the geological history of a given region and of the events and processes that shaped it.
Always keep in mind the objectives of the geosite strategy:


  • a better knowledge of the evolution of environments, of life and, therefore, of our own evolution;
  • accessibility to all, so that no one can appropriate them for exclusive use;
  • a contribution to local, national or global human development;
  • an aesthetic value.

Download the trail map: Map of trails and geosites