Our mission

Heritage preservation

for future generations

The mission of a Geopark is to protect and maintain the integrity
of the geological heritage of a site, for the benefit of generations
current and future. The enhancement and conservation of the site
are the very foundations of the Geopark concept. It becomes so
a tool for sustainable development for communities.

The information is adapted according to the history, the culture, the
climatic conditions and the geographical location of the site. It's in
a vision of heritage conservation for future generations
that was born the project of the Geopark of Percé.

The Géoparc project in Percé translates, from its earliest beginnings,
the constant effort to conserve the natural, geological and human heritage of the territory of the Grand Percé. But it also embodies the community's desire to participate in the management of this heritage and its local development.

This is why the development of the territory, the creation of employment and the good practices of sustainable development are at the heart of the mission of the Geopark.