Management and governance

The Geopark is managed autonomously and independently by its promoter, the Percé Geopark Solidarity Cooperative. In the specific case of the Geopark, the cooperative, which has the particularity of bringing together more than one category of members, brings together local tourism businesses wishing to offer a new activity to their customers, in addition to including support members who invest in the aim to support tourism and economic development.

These different actors are called "private" or "public". In this last category, we find the Office of Tourism, provincial economic development organizations (Regional County Municipality) and federal (SADC), Bonaventure Island National Park (belonging to the provincial government) and the economic development company of Percé (SDEP).

With a mission to develop a new appeal product for the tourism industry in Percé and throughout the region, the Percé Geopark Cooperative is committed to the deployment of outdoor activities and entertainment by addressing a wide range of customer base. From young families to more adventurous athletes, to geology enthusiasts, the UNESCO Global Geopark in Percé offers a range of activities that leaves no one indifferent.

Heritage preservation

For future generations

The mission of a Geopark is to protect and conserve the integrity of a site's geological heritage for the benefit of present and future generations. The enhancement and conservation of the site are the very foundations of the Geopark concept. It becomes a tool for sustainable development for communities. The information is adapted according to the history, the culture, the climatic conditions and the geographical situation of the site. It is in a vision of conservation of the inheritance for the future generations that was born the project of the Geopark of Percé.