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An affluence that reverses the forecasts


Percé, 3 august 2017 - The Percé Geopark knows a much higher traffic than could have been imagined since the very beginning of the tourist season. For the first 10 days of the construction holiday only, there are 6 times more customers than 2016. The 1er last August, the Geopark had already welcomed more than twice as many visitors as for the whole year 2016.
"We had been confident in our forecasts, since two major attractions (the suspended glass platform and the zip line) were added to the overall offer of the Geopark. But even in our wildest hopes, we would not have imagined such a large traffic, "explains the president of the board of directors of the Geopark, Cathy Poirier.
Measures have been put in place to maintain a quality service for the flow of tourists wishing to take advantage of the attractions of the Geopark: hiring additional staff, extending the opening hours, opening an overflow parking, adding a second shuttle, additional display at the reception and an information booth outside the pavilion.
In this wave of popularity of the Geopark, the team does not neglect any effort to meet the demand. Highlighting the extraordinary work of the Geopark employees, who first and foremost prioritize the safety of all, Ms. Poirier approaches the second half of the season with great optimism: "We are having a memorable season. We sincerely thank the people who visit us and make the success of the Geopark. We understand that some irritants such as wait times can be sometimes uncomfortable for some, but rest assured that we work tirelessly to provide the best possible service to as many people as possible! Concludes the president.

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