Young scientists Club

The Geopark’s young scientists Club welcomes you on its page!

Hi there !
On this page, we invite you to explore with us the other Geoparks in the world by following the travels of Agathe, the geologist, star of Tektonik.
By looking up to her adventures all over the earth, let’s discover together the world geoparks network and its mission.
Once a month, a new geopark will be visited. Once a week, I will reply (along with Agathe) to a question, in connection with geology, stones, fauna, flora, climate, history, or any other subject connected with science and / or the geopark of the month.
Ready to go on an adventure with Isabelle who will summarize Agathe’s fabulous trips? So are we!
To register the club,  and get your free membership card, click HERE

To ask your question question, to Agathe or me:
You can also use the comments space on this page ?

Next week, we will talk about Agathe’s first destination…

Hoping to ear from you soon,

Isabelle Cyr-Parent,
Scientific director, Géoparc de Percé


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